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Welcome to Northwest Magic

WELCOME to Northwest Magic!
Northwest Magic  is beginning it’s 6th Year of teaching
Basketball & Leadership Skills to Players of all ages!
THANKS for visiting our website!
Northwest Magic serves players in their pursuit of personal development through basketball and the opportunities it provides…  Northwest Magic is a 501 c.  EIN number is 46-2305525

Thank you for considering Northwest Magic for your player. We hope that during tryouts and/or practices, you’re able to observe first-hand what Magic is about: hard work, excellent basketball instruction, and the opportunity for players to have fun while they’re at it.

Magic prides itself on providing a place to play for every player who wants to increase his/her basketball skill.

Placement decisions will be made for players after they attend 1-2 practices.  Please expect to receive a phone call or email from one of our Leadership Team members with an official Welcome to Magic. That will also provide you a chance to ask any questions we haven’t answered here.

Program Information



  1. D (Development) Level teams are designed for players who love basketball and want and/or need to work on improving their game. D- Level teams are typically geographically-based, school-year only, and will participate in local league and tournament play. Players who have multiple sport commitments and take breaks from Magic to focus on outside activities typically will be assigned to a D- Level team.

  2. Premier teams are formed of players who are ready to train, play, and compete at a higher level. These teams may play up an age division, or may be formed by picking players from multiple local or Next Level teams.

  3. Elite (National)Next Level  teams are ready for the highest level of competition and training. Elite Next Level teams are year-round traveling teams, with hand-selected players ready for the highest level of training and national competition. Elite Next Level team members will typically have the most significant travel expenses.

  4. Some players may be offered the opportunity to participate with Magic as Practice Players. Practice Players pay the monthly training fee, and attend practice, but do not have the guarantee of team game play – they will be called up as new D-Level teams form, when developmentally ready, and/or when other players are unable to attend a scheduled event.


Why Join Magic?

Benefits of being a Northwest Magic Basketball Player:

  • Training by experienced top coaches
  • Available  Year-round tournament and/or league play
  • National Exposure as a Blue Star Nike Sponsored team.   This automatically puts players in the database that colleges frequent.  Opportunity to become McDonald All American, Gatorade All American, and/or nationally ranked
  • Blue Star Media will do a national review on Northwest Magic team and its players  once a year

  • Mentorship Program
  • Discount on Nike shoes and apparel
  • Student-Athlete College Preparation
  • Recruiting Services
  • 50% off any players wishing to attend Blue Star College Showcase / Rising Blue Star Camps & All-American Camp 

  • Year out schedule so families can plan their lives
  • Amazing experience from beginning to end!!!!



Northwest Magic is a Blue Star Nike Sponsored Organization

For over 25 years Blue Star has been one of the most influential organizations in selecting and advising such publications rankings and listings as found in The Sporting News, USA Today, Gatorade Circle of Champions, and McDonalds All American Team just to name a few. These rankings and evaluations are part of our national Blue Star Report available to media & colleges across the country.

A Blue Star Nike Sponsored Organization

Blue Star Report

The longest running girls basketball information service in the country. Blue Star originated in 1981 as a series of All-American camps across the country and as an evaluation report and newsletter. As the game grew Blue Star Basketball grew with it and created the nation's first dedicated girls basketball website in 1996. Blue Star Basketball has been sponsored by Nike since 1998, and continues to support our grassroots efforts.


Blue Star has become one of the most influential groups in the girls basketball world.  Mike Flynn started selecting high school All-America teams in 1976 with the first Coach Magazine team.  A number of today's college coaches were on those first lists.   He was the first girls basketball editor for USA Today when they started their newspaper in 1982 and has served either as the selection chair or as a committee member of various pretigious groups such as the Gatorade Player of the Year program, the McDonald's All-America team and Parade Magazine.

Mike is presently the women's college basketball contributing write for The Sporting News doing their pre-season College Top 20 and College pre-season All-Amerca teams and serves as a consultant for Nike Global Basketball.

In 2002 Blue Star added it's Rising Blue Star Camp series in two cities (Philadelphia & Chicago) to help find the top 7th, 8th, & incoming 9th grade talent across the country.  These camps have now expaned to nine cites across the country during the months of August & September.

Blue Star Basketball has a total of four staff members on the McDonald's All-American committee.   2007 saw Blue Star Basketball unveil a staff of nearly 20 former college coaches as evaluators to help cover all corners of the country.  Our team of evalutors is overseen by Chris Mennig, a former college coach and recruiter for eleven years.

Blue Star Rising Star Information


Rising Blue Star Report provides projections for what levels of play girls basketball prospects will likely attain given their natural progress.  THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS LIST.  We will be grouping players from all over the country that have attended 11U Nationals, 12U Nationals, 13U Nationals, as well as some players from 14U Nationals. We will also include campers that attend our August and September Rising Blue Star (7th/8th) Camps and various participants in USJN events that fall in to this age category.  2007's report contained nearly 800 players from all over the country.

The Rising Blue Star Report will be broken down as follows:

  • Major Level
  • D1 Level  (at some level)
  • Keep Eye On

when I evaluated Lindsay Whalen at a middle school age I gave her a "Keep Eye On" evaluation - decent frame, aggressive penetration, but lacked skill - thus was worth keeping an eye on.  When Candace Parker came out at a young age everyone saw that she was a "Major Level" player.  Example3 - a player is 5'5 confident handle, has big feet so likely to grow, shoots 3pter w/ slight push but will likely get stronger - keep an eye on her.



I am excited to introduce to the girls basketball world the Rising Blue Star Basketball Report.  I know that a number of you have crossed paths with me at some point in time during my 15 years of involvement with the game as a college coach/recruiter or event operator/evaluator.

My passion for recruiting and finding younger talent at an early age is something that has truly helped me thoughout my career.  With the new recruiting rules and calendars Mike, myself, and the Blue Star staff would like to offer to you the scouting service that will change the face of college recruiting and truly give you the EARLY ADVANTAGE.  

We all know that very few colleges would give a player a scholarship based on an evaluation made at the 7th grade level, but as a college recruiter I wanted to be pointed toward the top players, and then I would do the rest.  THAT is what Rising Blue Star Report, is all about. With the recruiting wars reaching an all-time high in our sport, this is the first report that will genuinely give you a recruiting advantage. Don't let your competitors be the first to establish contact with our next young Rising Blue Stars.


Chris Mennig



Northwest Magic teams are scheduled to play an average of 2 tourneys per month and/or participate in a league.

All parents and players are required to use our online registration system.  Parents are not required to pay online, but must register even if they intend to pay by check.  Fees must be paid prior to participation.  Fee structure can be found on our website at northwestmagic.org under “player registration”.  

Northwest Magic is using the Sport Ngin website platform to help manage its members and information. By creating an account and joining the Network, Northwest Magic will be able to communicate

better and keep you more informed 

Stay connected and click on the link below to join now.



Parental Behavior

Northwest Magic expects all parents with players in the program to understand that our primary goal is long term development.  Behavior that is unprofessional in nature, disruptive to the group, or negative toward other parents, players, coaches, or referees is counter productive to our mission. 

Northwest Magic  parents agree to withhold complaints, suggestions, or comments to any coach in the program at any game or practice site.  All Magic coaches are happy to discuss anything and everything with parents when approached properly and at an appropriate time.  That time is never around other players or parents and never in the "heat of the moment".  

Coach Vanessa is available to handle any issues that may arise, but is adamant about parental behavior being positive and equally adamant that parents understand the role of the coach in the players' athletic lives and the boundaries within which parents must operate when allowing children to play team sports. 

Winning and Losing

Northwest Magic is about development and preparation for the future, first and foremost.  With that said, we are firmly committed to teaching our players the importance of the effort to win, the importance of the desire to win, and the importance of the work and commitment required to win. Our program has had unparalleled success in the win-loss column, but we have been able to maintain a healthy balance between our development and our record.  We have been able to provide advanced playing opportunity for ALL of our players, not just a select few, and have seen that opportunity lead to success upon entering high school.  Nearly every Northwest Magic athlete has shown a marked improvement when returning to school ball or upon entering their chosen high school program.

Team Placement

Northwest Magic will field “Premier Teams” at most of the girls' levels between 4th and 8th and boys' Premier Teams at the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade levels.  We will also field Nike National Travel Teams on the girl's side (Flight 2019 , High School Flight Gray, Nike Purple Elite, and Nike Gold Elite) that will play in selected high quality events.  These teams will be made up of the strongest players in our program regardless of age.  Northwest Magic Elite 6th and 7th Grade members will play with their age group teams on most tournament weekends. Those age group teams may also play "up" to insure higher competition.

Northwest Magic is an elite program. Our best players have come to expect the opportunity to play with and against the very best.  Being on ANY of our teams places each of our players in very select company.  Northwest Magic will place players where they will have the greatest opportunity for physical and mental development and have the greatest opportunity for success.  Success breeds confidence and confidence entering high school is one our primary objectives.  Our rosters may be amended for a specific tournament or in a more permanent fashion based on the Northwest Magic 's staff evaluation. 


Playing Time

Playing time WILL NOT be distributed evenly. Our goal is always to play as many people as possible for as many minutes as possible. We have done an excellent job of spreading minutes and opportunities evenly in the past and anticipate being able to do so in the future. 



Normally, each of our players would like to be coached by our most experienced coaches in every game of every tourney or league we enter.  We have found that not only is that unnecessary for development, but is actually limiting to both our staff and our players.  Northwest Magic will continue to use the "Team Coaching" philosophy that has worked so well for us in the past. Each team will have a primary coach, but we will often rotate coaches during tourneys to insure that all our players at every grade level are exposed to all of our staff and that each of our players can be instructed by ANY of our coaches in a game environment.  



Players will play an average of two tourneys per month. We may play more in one month and less in another, depending on availability.  

Travel tourneys which require an overnight stay may be scheduled for all groups and are a near certainty for the 7th and 8th graders. We also try and travel our more elite younger teams and will may play our teams "up" to insure the best competition     



Team Nike
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Sporting News
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USA Today
Naismith Awards
Sista Hoops
Tamia Braggs (2016)

Tamia Braggs (2016) - Nike Gold Team

Freshman Year

  • Lincoln High School MVP
  • School leading scorer  18.5 ppg 10.5 rpg 4 blks 1.3 steals per game
  • 1st team All Narrows League Team
  • 2nd Team all city team
  • Was ranked Nationally on Maxpreps for leading scoring freshman
  • Prospects Nation Elite Showcase participant
  • NW Super 60 Showcase participant
  • Crowell Intensity College Prep Camp-MVP

Sophomore Year

  • Lincoln High School MVP
  • School leading scorer 17.5 ppg 13.5 rpg 8 blocks 2.5 steals per game
  • Narrows League MVP
  • 1st team All Narrows League Team
  • 2nd team all area
  • #1 top 5 players to watch by the News Tribune
  • 2014 Team USA Trials participant- made next to last cuts to advance to team
  • 2014 Washington vs. Idaho All Star game participant
  • Prospects Nation Showcase participant (August 2014)
  • Crowell Intensity College Prep Camp-MVP